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Liaison Consultants
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About Out of Hole Solutions

Focusing principally on unconventional exploration and production we specialize in customized consulting and liaison services based on your company’s needs and requirements.  We provide creative solutions to maximize reservoir knowledge and return on investment through the use of capital efficient surface evaluation techniques.  We offer our client oil companies the best possible evaluation packages by working with and recommending the best possible service providers. 


For Out of Hole Solutions, the goal is to create value through building mutually beneficial partnerships.

Consultation - Liaison - Representation

  • Surface evaluation advisory services
  • Surface data quality control
  • Real-time, rejuvenation, & drilled but uncompleted wells
  • Client to client relations
  • Service provider - seek and deploy
  • Create value through partnerships
  • Promote new technologies
  • Provide sales leads for partners
  • Build product awareness


Gaining Knowledge

Our strategies increase the worth of your surface data. Custom services combining cost effective technologies and techniques increase sub-surface knowledge leading to greater geologic certainty - producibility, fracability, geologic hazards - risk avoidance and improved return on investment. We improve real-time projects, rejuvenation projects and drilled but uncompleted wells.



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