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The OOH solutions

It's the 'OOH!' moment.  The moment when the practicality of using long neglected surface data sinks in.  The Out of Hole (OOH) Solutions.


Delivering surface answers to downhole questions is capital efficient and does improve return on investment.


  • All surface evaluation strategies are cost effective
  • They allow comprehensive geologic evaluation of every well drilled
  • All data is collected at surface with no impact on drilling operations
  • Surface evaluation extends geologic certainty across the pad or field ...
    • ...Wheras high cost downhole techniques are used selectively - if at all - and extrapolate data across a pad or field
    • This extrapolated data can miss important or hazardous sub-surface features
  • Final well evaluation can be ready within a day or two of a well's TD
  • Data will be quickly available to review or revise completion strategies
  • Planned geometric fracture stages can be moved or removed to focus only on sweetspots
  • Where doubt still exists, further advanced evaluation can be considered

Gas applications

No matter what the drilling environment, gas will be released at surface and present to some extent in the cuttings.  By assuring good data quality and expert analysis, formation gas can provide excellent, first-look formation and reservoir evaluation. 

Cuttings applications

Drilled cuttings provide the other major source of data that is always present in any drilling environment.  Careful depth tracking, collection, preparation, and storage of these cuttings will allow geologists to characterize each and every well drilled in detail.

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